Signs of infidelity that could be right before your nose

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You have tolerated a lot of things from your spouse over the years, but one thing you cannot handle is a cheater.

You are suspicious that your spouse is being unfaithful — but how do you really know if you’re just being paranoid or if it’s time to pack your bags and file for divorce?

Signals that your spouse is being unfaithful

Often, the answer to your question is right in front of your eyes, if you know what you’re trying to see. Here are the top indicators that your spouse is definitely cheating:

  • They’re suddenly much more concerned with their appearance. Sure, your spouse may be making changes to their diet, exercise routine, wardrobe or personal grooming habits to improve their self-esteem — but if they’re taking a renewed interest in their appearance and there are other signs of trouble, be wary.
  • They’re suddenly hard to find. If your spouse has always had a set routine, what’s the cause for the change? Why are they putting their phone on “airplane mode” now? Why aren’t they checking in with you like normal?
  • Your emotional or sexual intimacy has changed. Sometimes a cheating spouse will try to make up for their behavior by showering their partner with affection to cover their guilt. Other times, they’ll withdraw both physically and emotionally. Either way, a change that has no other explanation doesn’t bode well.
  • Their friends are avoiding you — or your friends are avoiding you. They say the spouse is always the last to know about an affair, and friends who have “guilty knowledge” may be wildly uncomfortable pretending everything is normal around you.
  • There are unexplained charges on your accounts. Money seems to be flying through the household’s coffers lately, but your spouse claims that charge to the sushi place was just an outing with a friend. Believe what they say at your own peril.

You don’t have to wait for a confession from your spouse to think about how you want to handle things. Speaking with a divorce attorney here in West Palm Beach now can help you better understand your rights and options if your fears prove correct.