The important role a father plays in the lives of his kids

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Modern society seems to put a lot more emphasis on the role of a mother’s support and affection than a father’s love. Although custody determinations in Florida generally don’t consider the gender of the parents, internal bias could influence some people to think that the role of the mother is somehow more important than the role of the father.

As a loving dad, there are certain, important roles and kinds of support that you often offer your children. If you experience a divorce, you may have to take a stand and fight for your continued involvement in the lives of your children.

A male role model can help guide boys into manhood

No mother, however well-intentioned she may be, can truly understand the experience of boyhood or adolescence as a male child. Having a male role model who understands the unique experience of male adolescents can help shape healthy and respectful young men.

The ongoing presence of a father in the life of a young boy can remind him of the important role of masculinity in his own life and provide a counterbalance for the maternal love he receives from his mother.

Fathers can play a big role in the socialization and self-esteem of girls

Even if you don’t have a boy who needs your guidance and understanding of his unique experiences, your daughter also needs your love and support. Very often, the relationship a girl has with her father can influence her remaining presence. His support could mean that she has greater social success and higher self-esteem.

Fighting to remain an active part of your children’s lives can benefit both you and them.