Concerned you’re not the father? A quick DNA test will give you answers

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When you found out that your girlfriend was expecting, you were excited. You couldn’t wait to see your child. You went through everything with your partner throughout the pregnancy, from ultrasounds to late-night runs for foods she craved.

What you didn’t expect was that you’d be concerned that the child wasn’t yours once they were born. You’re not married, so there isn’t an automatic assumption that you’re the father. After looking at your child’s unusual skin color and hair, you decided that you’d like to seek a paternity test.

A paternity test can give you the answers you’re looking for

You know that it’s unlikely that the child isn’t yours, but you just need to make sure before you sign the birth certificate. You know that a paternity test will also secure your rights as the biological parent of the child, which would be helpful if you and your partner ever broke up.

If you want to get a DNA test, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a legal battle. Ask your partner if you can get one to make sure that you’re legally recognized as the father. If she doesn’t want you to get the test, then you can ask a judge to give an order for a DNA test, so that you and your child can be tested. If your DNA matches, you can be 99% certain that you’re the parent, which can put your mind at ease.

Our website has more on paternity testing and what you need to do if you’re questioning if you’re the parent of a newborn child. It’s important to take this time to protect your rights.