Child visitation rights of hospital workers

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Paternity |

If you work in a hospital, you may have struggled to nail down your schedule recently. However, there is one day that is sacred: Saturday is the day you visit your son.

Seeing your boy is the one bright light that keeps you going. The only reason you agree to the long hours and the extra shifts is to give him the opportunities you never had.

Friday night, his mom rings to say you cannot come to pick him up. She says you could bring an infection from the hospital and pass it onto your boy, who could then pass it on to her and the rest of her family.  

It’s a tough call. You know there is some truth to what your ex says, but you suspect she is using it as an excuse to stop you from seeing your child.

Visitation rights set by a court are a legal right. The only way your ex-partner can prevent you from visiting your child when scheduled is through another court order.

The best solution is to come to some agreement. Perhaps you agree to hold off visits for a while on the condition you make the time back later. Maybe you reach an understanding that working in a hospital is what you do; it is how you pay child support, and you should not lose time with your child as a result of your job. 

However, if you and your ex-partner cannot reach an agreement, you may need to contact a West Palm Beach attorney who works in family law.