If a divorce is coming, August could be the month

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Divorce |

Have you felt like divorce is on the horizon for a while now? Have you been considering it all summer? If so, studies have found that August typically sees a divorce spike, which could make it the month that you and your spouse finally decide to call it quits. 

Part of the reason for this spike is summer vacation. The children got out of school in June, perhaps putting your divorce thoughts on hold. Then, in July, you may have planned fun events with your family, as it’s the most common vacation month. Whether you and your spouse got along may have become secondary in importance to making sure that your children enjoyed their time. 

In August, though, you can settle back into your routine. School starts back up. The children aren’t in the home 24/7. You probably do not have any big plans until November or December, when the holidays arrive. That’s when it finally feels like the right time to bring up a divorce — or even to file the paperwork. 

You don’t have to follow any schedule, of course. But it is still important to know that this is how it often plays out, especially if you’re not the one who is going to file. If you suspect that your spouse wants a divorce but they haven’t brought it up yet, they could also be waiting until August or September to get the process started. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing right now. Make sure you are well aware of the legal rights that you have. While a divorce is never pleasant, it often goes more smoothly when you understand what to expect.