Things to remember for parents planning for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Divorce |

You return home from work one day, and your spouse tells you they are filing for a divorce. Whether it comes out of the blue or has been on the cards for a while, it can be a shock when they tell you they have taken a decision. You may spend the next few weeks unable to sleep, turning things over in your head as you struggle to face reality. It can make it hard to focus on the things you need to.

Here are some reminders of the key issues you will need to settle in your divorce:

  • Your children: The most significant issues in divorce will revolve around them. Who will get custody? How much time will they spend with each parent? What will happen about the holidays? Who will pay child support, and how much?
  • Your living arrangements: Will you continue living together in the same property until you finalize your divorce, or will one of you move out? Do you both plan on staying in the same area afterward? If one partner moves away, it will have a significant effect on your child’s life.
  • Your property: It is easy to focus only on what happens to the house. Yet other assets can be costly to replace and can soon add up. You will need to furnish two homes now.
  • Your financial future: Surviving on one income will be more challenging. How will you manage? Will your spouse make any payments to you, or will you have to pass them funds?

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing time. An experienced and compassionate West Palm Beach family law attorney can help you through this difficult time and look out for your interests.