What are your alimony options in Florida?

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Many people believe that alimony, also called spousal support, is no longer an option in a Florida divorce. Although the concept of receiving support from one’s ex after divorce may seem antiquated to some, it can be ordered in some cases.

Who can receive spousal support?

Either spouse may receive an alimony award if eligible regardless of their gender. At one time, women were usually the ones who received spousal support. Now, more men are receiving alimony.

Unfortunately, many qualified men fail to pursue spousal support. If you are a man and feel you deserve financial support from your spouse, a family law attorney can help you determine whether you qualify.

Those who have much less income than their spouse often need support to help them get back on their feet after divorce. A spouse who has been out of the workforce for a long time and has few near-term job prospects may also need alimony.

What are the different types of support?

Like other states, Florida offers more than one alimony option:

  • Lump-sum: Recipients receive their entire support award in a single payment.
  • Permanent: Most courts hesitate to award permanent support, but when they do, it will continue until the recipient remarries or either spouse dies.
  • Rehabilitative: With this option, recipients receive alimony for a limited time until they acquire financial independence.
  • Bridge-the-gap: If a person needs time to make the transition from married to single, this type of support can help them find a new home or pay for a car.
  • Durational: Like rehabilitative support, this type of alimony lasts for a specified length of time.

You might be able to take care of yourself once your divorce is finalized. However, it is wise to take an objective look at your finances before you reject the idea of seeking alimony altogether.