How your professional life can affect your marital life

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Does your work-life balance seem to be all out of whack? Are there aspects of your work that are creating cracks in your marriage? A lot of people suspect that their careers contribute to their divorces — and they’re probably correct.

That’s what Stockholm University researchers set out to discover when they published a study about the work-related factors that can contribute to the dissolution of a marriage. Here are some of the questions they asked and the answers they found.

Does having colleagues of the opposite sex lead to divorce?

The researchers initiated their study by compiling 30 years’ worth, or approximately 250,000 divorce records from Denmark. Their review of these notes showed a strong correlation between the genders of someone’s closest co-workers and their propensity to divorce. The close nature of the work and the shared interests may spark romantic feelings between co-workers.

How does a spouse’s profession impact their divorce rate?

Stockholm University’s researchers also determined that married males are less apt to divorce if they work in male-dominated industries than the women who did the same. 

The researchers also discovered that service industry workers, such as hotel or restaurant workers, had exceptionally high divorce rates regardless of gender. They also found that employees such as farmers and librarians divorced less than other professionals. 

The researchers also discovered that the higher a male spouse’s educational level, the more apt they were to seek a divorce. This outcome particularly holds true for married men employed in female-dominated professions. The researchers discovered that the opposite was the case when it comes to women. 

What other factors lead couples to divorce?

While work-related matters may motivate some couples to split, a solitary issue seldom leads to a relationship’s demise. Infidelity, financial mismanagement, illness, divergent outlooks on life and a whole host of other factors may motivate a spouse to seek a divorce. 

No matter what led to your marital split, an impending divorce can evoke a multitude of emotions. These feelings can make it challenging for you to negotiate a settlement with your ex so that you can move on with your life here in West Palm Beach. A divorce attorney can help navigate you through this process so that you can get on with your life here in Florida.