Can you tell a divorce is coming?

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Your relationship with your spouse is fantastic. You agree on everything, only have eyes for each other, and spend your days laughing and your nights loving. Then out of the blue, they say they want a divorce.

That is not how it works. While a divorce request might surprise you, there are probably many signs it was coming. Or, at the very least, signs that your marriage was struggling.

3 behavioral changes that may indicate your spouse is planning a future without you

You do not have to worry every time your spouse buys a new outfit, takes up a new hobby or goes out with new friends. The changes to worry about are the ones in their relationship with you. For example:

  1. They no longer argue with you: If your spouse decides your relationship is no longer worth fighting for, they may just stop. If they always used to complain when you came in the house without wiping your boots but no longer do, it may be because they know they only have to put up with it for a little longer.
  2. They no longer look you in the eye: This does not necessarily mean they are guilty because they have slept with someone. It might mean they feel guilty about hurting you by telling you they no longer love you.
  3. They avoid spending time with you: If your spouse loiters in the garage, rather than sit with you in the lounge. Or they suddenly have work to do every time you suggest going out. Then maybe they cannot stand to be near you.

Understanding these warning signs is essential for two reasons. If you catch them early enough, it allows you to make changes. Secondly, there is a lot to think about if you divorce, and if your spouse has been pondering it for a while, they will be better prepared. If their announcement surprises you, you might be too busy grieving to think with a clear head during the divorce process.