2 mistakes that can add to conflict during divorce 

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Getting divorced generally involves settling a number of factors such as child custody, property division and spousal support. Needless to say, resolving such issues can result in a certain amount of stress. However, the majority of divorces are settled within a matter of months. 

Unfortunately, there are occasions where separations can involve high levels of conflict. This can be damaging not only for both spouses but for children if they are part of the equation. High-conflict divorce is not beneficial for anyone. Therefore, it is important to recognize some of the key factors that can fuel conflict during divorce. 

Bringing up past events

There may not be one sole reason why you chose to pursue a divorce. Rather, it may have been something that has built up over the years. Perhaps your former spouse did not treat you as you would have liked. Or, maybe you made a mistake that you now regret. Holding on to past events and consistently bringing them up during divorce proceedings is likely to hold back progress. It may be in your best interests to look ahead and plan for the future, rather than focus on things that are now out of your control. 

Poor communication

The divorce process may be completely new to you. It is likely that you have never been taught effective ways to communicate throughout the procedure. Many arguments are caused simply by messages being misinterpreted. Occasionally, your former spouse may behave inappropriately, motivating you to respond using the same sort of tone. It might be helpful to really think about what it is you need to say, and whether you need to respond at all. Communications that have no practical benefit for you or your loved ones are perhaps best avoided. 

Avoiding conflict throughout divorce could ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. If you are struggling with the nuanced aspects of legal proceedings, there is help available to you.