Supervised visits with your child can be a bonding time

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Some parents who are going through a divorce might be accused of being abusive or having an issue that puts the children at risk. These individuals might be ordered to have supervised visitation with their children. While this might seem like a horrible experience, you can bond with the kids during these visits. 

Even if you don’t agree with the fact that your visits have to be supervised, you should still go into them with a positive attitude. The important thing to focus on right now is that you’re getting time with your children. You must remain calm during the visit and remember that your actions are being monitored. 

Focus on your children

Think about things you and your children enjoy doing together and find ways to incorporate those into the visits. This might mean doing crafts or watching a movie. Find out what’s available at the location of the visits. Some offices have visitation rooms that are set up like living rooms. They may even have toys that you and your child can play with during the visit. 

Make it to every visit

With the exception of a true emergency, you should keep the visitation schedule as it stands. Your children will be counting on you to be there to spend time with them. Even when it’s challenging, you have to do your best to make it to those visits. Failing to attend the visits could come back to haunt you later. 

Throughout the child custody case, you must do what’s best for your child. This might not always be what’s easiest for you. Be sure you work with someone who can help you to evaluate the options so you can think about how each one will impact your kids.