3 ways to reduce conflicts with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Raising children with an ex means that there are bound to be conflicts periodically. Being able to handle these in a mature and responsible manner is imperative because your children are affected by how their parents act. 

When you have a co-parent who wants to argue, a lot of drama can ensue. While you can’t control what your ex does, you can control how you react to their antics. Taking steps to minimize the disruption to your life and to your children may help to reduce the stress you feel.

Don’t let old feelings dictate your behavior

You can’t allow what you felt when you broke up to determine how you interact with your ex. The past might hurt or anger you, but the time to think about that is past. You need to focus on the present and look forward to the future now. 

Keep your children at the center of the decisions

Your children must be the sole focal point that you have right now. Taking the time to think about how decisions impact them can help you to make better choices when conflicts occur. 

Always be clear and professional with communication

Many disagreements between co-parents can stem from miscommunication. Make sure that you relay information clearly, and be sure that you understand exactly what your ex is saying. It might be necessary for both parties to clarify points, so do this willingly and respectfully when you need to.

One of the best things you can do to limit the conflicts you’ll have to deal with is to get the parenting plan set up quickly. This should include all the information you and your ex need to raise the children. It should also have conflict resolution methods that help you to work through matters when you can’t agree.