2 myths about fathers and divorce 

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Paternity |

A divorce takes its toll on the entire family. Naturally, it is often the children who are the main concern of both parents as well as the courts. 

However, there are some misconceptions about the impact of divorce on men and the role they play after a separation. It’s important to address these so that people can make informed judgments, rather than taking in negative stereotypes. Outlined below are some of the more common myths about fathers and divorce.

Myth: Men don’t make good parents 

Women are frequently placed in a caregiver role in terms of the children. While this has been traditionally the case, and it’s true that many women are fantastic parents to their children, this doesn’t mean that men cannot also fill the role. Men have nurturing instincts on top of their masculine traits, which makes them excellent guardians for children. Numerous children go on to thrive in households comprising a single father. 

Myth: Men have to give up everything in a divorce

There is a common misconception that fathers have to give up everything during a divorce and start again from scratch. While every divorce has its costs, for all parties, fathers have a host of legal rights at their disposal. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for men to stay in the family home, and obtain alimony as well as legal custody of the children.   

As a father, it is vital to stand up for your legal rights during and after the divorce. You do not have to accept the common stereotypes that have no factual basis. Having experienced guidance on your side will help to ensure that you obtain a fair settlement in your divorce negotiations.