Dealing with an angry child during (and after) your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

From the time they begin considering a split until their children are adults, most parents suffer from divorce guilt even though they know they made the right decision. Many children deal with divorce well, while others become angry over what they believe is the destruction of their family.

Sometimes, parents try to assuage the anger with overindulgence, or they may even deny the separation in the early stages. Unfortunately, this could worsen the behavior and does nothing to help the child accept reality. The tips below can help you deal with divorce anger from your kids as they learn to cope.

Be available and accessible

Spend as much time with your kids as possible and encourage your co-parent to see them regularly. Time spent together helps your children realize they have not lost either parent despite the divorce. Remember to keep yourself accessible should your child want to open up about their emotions.

Be honest but cautious

Never lie to your children about your divorce, even if you plan to discuss the matter in-depth later. If your kids ask you point-blank about any divorce matter, give them an honest answer. However, avoid telling them every sordid detail about why your marriage stopped working.

Encourage strenuous activity

An effective way for children (and adults) to process and expend potentially negative emotions is by being active. Encourage your kids to play ball with you outdoors or go for hikes together. They will be tired but probably pretty happy to participate in activities with a parent.

Don’t forget to ensure that your child custody arrangements allow your kids to spend ample time with both parents during and after your Florida divorce proceedings. While they are learning to accept your divorce, your children need plenty of love and reassurance.