Turbulent divorce emotions can make you lose focus on your goals

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Whether amicable or fraught with conflict getting a divorce is never easy on the two spouses. Unless blindsided by the arrival of unexpected divorce papers, you may have had some time to get accustomed to the thought of ending your marriage.

Those who have the luxury of preparation time usually feel able to cope with whatever the divorce brings their way. It is much wiser not to count on it, though. Divorce is different for everyone, and it’s often impossible to predict how it might make you feel.

Expect the unexpected

Maybe you’re eager to end your unhappy marriage. If so, you should only feel excitement and happiness, right? Not necessarily. Divorcing and newly divorced people often report the following emotions, even when looking forward to ending the marriage.

  • Divorce grief
  • Love for their ex
  • Sympathy towards their spouse
  • Fear of a future they never anticipated

When these and other feelings arise unexpectedly, it can impact your divorce. You might lose focus on attaining your goals, or you could feel sorry for your ex and make a poor decision.

Learn to cope with the feelings

Instead of ignoring your feelings, try to process and cope with them as they arise. You could try writing a journal or speaking with a friend about your emotions. Many people find relief by participating in support groups during and after their divorce.

Unfortunately, the psychological side effects of ending a marriage can last longer than the divorce itself. Although you can’t always banish uncomfortable emotions, coping with them may help you find closure. The critical thing is not to let your feelings get in the way of pursuing a favorable divorce settlement under Florida family laws.